In 2015 we produced over 300 million tons of plastic worldwide, in just one year. Most of the world does not have the recycling facilities to process all this plastic. Dumping and landfilling are the dominant ways of waste management today, causing serious problems.

Badly managed plastic waste is a huge contributor to plastic pollution in our oceans, also known as the plastic soup. Around 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. And it’s getting worse every year.This environmental problem causes a loss of ecosystems, affects public health and destroys a valuable resource. The UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) calculated in their report ‘Valuing Plastics’ that the worldwide costs of the negative externalities of plastics in the oceans is $ 13,000,000,000.


The Plastic Mining Cooperation (PMC) is a start-up company that develops a tailor-made solution for plastic waste on islands and coastal areas. Cooperating with local environmental organizations and waste management companies we make it possible to turn waste into a resource, everywhere. By doing so, we contribute to stop the leakage of plastic waste into our oceans. This will stimulate and protect local economies that depend on a healthy marine ecosystem.  

Patricia Zitman
Patricia ZitmanFounder
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Philippe VerhaarenCo-founder
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Daniël PoolenChief Plastic Officer

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